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Friday, December 17, 2010

# ThE iCe-CrEaM's StRiKe OuT #

My story today is about… of coz la about ice-cream. If not why I put this pic in da 1st place right hahaha…
Why ice-cream? It’s bcoz I czn’t eat ice-cream. I have allergic. If I eat them, then my nose will become runny. How I know? Of coz cause I eat them hahaha I only say that I can’t eat them, not that I don’t eat them ::(@_@)::
Ice-cream is so delicious. But why I can’t eat them??  WAE????!!! Right now there is 2 container full of ice-cream in my home’s ice box. At 1st I don’t want to touch it.. but it seduce me silently huahahahaha *weak will actually*. After I eat them…. ToT flu attack me…
What the purposed I write this post? Hahaha coz… coz… I just feel want to write it la..!! my blog, my story, it’s up to my pleasure la what I want to write… kahkahkahkah…

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