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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My number one OTP

uwaa... long time with no update. i'm sorry guys huhu not that all of you waiting for my update right haha how are you guys? i hope fine. it's already at the end of year 2012. wow, the time sure flying fast hehe right now i wanna show you my top OTP. yea, i'm new with this OTP thing hehe who is my top OTP? jeng jeng jeng~


both of them is my bias in exo. exo m-kris and exo k-chanyeol hehe haa... i know what you're thinking. they're not gay okay guys~! they're best friend... it is just the fans that like to screencap their picture to look like they're in love hakhakhak poor them huihui~

handsome~! he's otw to malaysia when fan snap his pic hehe
cute and bubly hehehe


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Love Love Love

My Lee Junho

My Lee Junho
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