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Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh! Hati

hello...!! hahaha just want to say hello to my follower...
are you all excited? no? hukhukhuk so sad...
it's okay la. i still will post a new entry. are you curios what my new entry about?
hahaha it's about my liver... or heart? haha i don't know.
but now i think i feel in love so many time... i'm so tension because i will keep it to my self and make it dissapear.
hmm... why?
because my self confident is so low... bottom down...!! i hate my self for that! hukhukhuk TT

(i'm shy in person and not preety) wee~

i really want to say to someone that i like him, and then he replies my feeling. but.... in you dream la..!! >_< hahaha
i rather keep it to my self that being humiliated when he turn down my feeling hohoho is that okay with you? hahaha i hope everything is going okay with all my follower...! that's all for today. i hope you guys have a nice day..!!! (^_^)

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