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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


2PM is a six-member[1] boy band from Seoul, South Korea. Originally a seven-member group before leader Jaebeom left due to an internet controversy, they are managed by JYP Entertainment. The current members are Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Chansung. 2PM is one of the two subgroups branched out from the eleven-member (before Jaebeom's departure) boy band One Day, the other being 2AM. They debuted with the song "10 Jeom Manjeome 10 Jeom" (10점 만점에 10점, lit. 10 Points Out of 10 Points), which showcased their acrobatic and b-boy dance styles.[2] They achieved their first #1 song with "Again & Again".


The members of 2PM all auditioned (except Nichkhun, who was scouted[3]) to become part of JYP Entertainment, to which the Wonder Girls also belong. Some members held their auditions in other countries; for example, Park Jaebeom auditioned in the United States. Other members already had experience in the entertainment industry prior to their acceptance into JYP Entertainment, such as Kim Junsu, who had won various singing competitions, and Ok Taecyeon, Lee Junho and Hwang Chansung, who had participated in the show 'SuperStar Survival'.
2PM's and 2AM's training days were filmed in a documentary called Hot Blood Men, which aired on Mnet. The show documented the rigorous training program of the JYP trainees who were to be part of the group One Day, as well as the elimination of three trainees from the group.

2008–2009: Debut, and eventual success

2PM debuted with their single "10점 만점에 10점" (10 Points Out Of 10 Points) on September 4, 2008. On October 17, 2008, they started to promote "Only You", another song from their debut mini album "Hottest Time of the Day."
On April 16, 2009, the group released their second mini album "2:00 PM Time For Change". Promotions began April 23 on M!Countdown, as 2PM performed an introductory dance to "What Time Is It Now" that lead to the performance of their title single, "Again & Again". On May 9, 2009, they won their first Mutizen Song award on M!Countdown since their debut; in the same week, they won their second Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo. The group earned their third Mutizen the following week, completing the triple crown and making them ineligible to win for the following weeks. However, the award that had been eluding them - Music Bank - was quickly won soon after. On June 11, 2PM began promotions for "Niga Mipda" (니가 밉다, lit. I Hate You) on M!Countdown. On July 2 and 3, while in Thailand on a promotional tour, 2PM achieved first place on the M!Countdown and Music Bank charts for the song "Niga Mipda". The group thanked its fans for their support through a video made in Thailand posted in their account on Youtube for their win. They achieved the triple crown for the song on M!Countdown by July 16. On July 30, 2PM won the 'Only One Song' award on M!Countdown.

2009: Controversy and departure of Jaebeom

On September 4, 2009, articles surfaced on the internet regarding Jaebeom's posts on his personal Myspace account about his dislike for Korea back in 2005 when he was still a trainee for JYP Entertainment. Jaebeom issued an apology regarding this matter.[4] Although outraged protesters demanded that Jaebeom should be forced out of 2PM, JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin-young stated on September 7 that he was going to continue to remain part of the group.[5] The following day, Jaebeom announced on his offical fancafe that he would be leaving the group and returning to the United States, with plans of going back to school and bettering his understanding of Music, and also apologized to the other 2PM members for not being a good leader and older brother to the group.[6] Park Jin-young has confirmed that he will respect the singer's decision, and that 2PM will continue on as a 6-member group.[1][7]

2009: Comeback as a six member group

On October 30, 2009, a clock appeared on 2PM's official website, counting was counting down from 70:40. While netizens predicted that it would reach 0:00 at 4:30PM on November 2, the clock froze when it reached 1:59, releasing a teaser for "기다리다 지친다" ("Tired of Waiting"), which drew much interest and quickly climbed online music charts[citation needed]. Another countdown began for the full song, and it was released along with the album cover on November 3 at 12:00 AM when the clock again stopped at 1:59.[citation needed]
The next teaser for the second track "너에게 미쳤었다" ("I Was Crazy About You") appeared on November 5 with the same procedure, and the full song the next day.
The group finished re filming their music video without Jaebeom on October 31, 2009. During a press conference, it was revealed that Jaebeom's vocals would not be removed from the songs.[8] The full length album titled "1:59PM" was released on November 10, 2009.[citation needed]
Their comeback date was confirmed on Inkigayo to be November 13, 2009.[citation needed]

Overseas activities


2PM made their first overseas performance in Thailand in late February 2009 at the Nine Entertain Awards. On June 25, they released their "Thailand Special Edition" album, and began promotions in Thailand shortly afterward. 2PM also performed at the Pop Music Awards in Pattaya.[9]
And for the first time, 2PM be advancing into the Chinese market on Nov 25th 2009 as they plan to meet their Chinese fans through the 2009 Hanryu showcase (Korea-China Music Festival feel the K-pop). It will be held in Shanghai, China. 2PM plan to gradually enter the market through promotions and the release of their first full album.
Other activities

Television hosting

In December 2008, 2PM began to host the third season of MBC's Idol Show (아이돌군단의 떴다!그녀), a variety show that prepared idols for the music industry.[10] The show ran from December 4, 2008 to March 26, 2009, with a total of seventeen episodes.
The group also starred in a reality show on M.net, titled "Wild Bunny", in which the members escaped the pressures of stardom by performing ten forbidden activities of idols. The show ran from July 21, 2009 to September 1, 2009, with seven episodes aired; the airing of the final episode, which coincidentally featured the members engaged in a "Leader Olympics" game to select a new leader, was postponed indefinitely due to Jaebeom's internet controversy and his subsequent departure from the group.[11]
In addition, Taecyeon and Wooyoung are hosting SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System)'s weekly music show Inkigayo, while Jaebeom and Chansung have also made regular appearances on 'Introducing Star Friends'. Since Jaebeom was voted off, Nichkhun replaced his position as the guest. Nichkhun and Wooyoung were also frequent guests on SBS's variety talent show Star King between April and October 2009, with the other 2PM members occasionally joining them.


In March 2009, 2PM was selected to model for EXR, a clothing company in Korea.[12] In July 2009, the members of 2PM were selected as the representatives of foreign artists by the Thai government-led tourism campaign, I Love Thailand. [13] Member Nichkhun has also been selected by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) as the face of their newest campaign, "Come to Thailand; Let's Take a Break!"[14]
In August 2009, 2PM collaborated with the Body Shop in 'Soft Hands, Kind Heart', a worldwide campaign that calls for the protection of children and teenagers against sex trafficking. The members will act as Korea's spokespeople for the campaign.[15]
In November 2009, a CF of 2PM promoting Hanami (a Thailand snack company) had been released, where it also included Jaebeom; the commercial was said to be filmed prior to his departure in September.

Dance style

This section requires expansion.
2PM's performances consist of a combination of hip hop dance and acrobatics onstage, as shows in their performances of "10 points out of 10 points". All of the members are trained in dancing, acrobatics and singing.[2]

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